The Anna Hope Coaching Difference

I live by this truth: Everything you need to make long-lasting change towards your version of a fulfilling life is within you.

My job is to teach you the tools, systems and mindsets you need to actualize your vision.

Wielding control over one’s life and managing one’s emotions and thoughts is a teachable skill. I will teach you these skills and help you master them. Once you do your life will be transformed forever and you will see things anew.

Are you ready to change your life?

Here are my values and how my values manifest in my company:

1. One day you won’t need me.

Today’s world is based on a subscription-model which bars consumers from owning the systems and knowledge that they are paying for. In my mind this is a form of modern day slavery based out of a scarcity mindset. I operate from an abundance-mindset and believe that the power to control your emotions, thoughts and actions is a critical life skill.

My ultimate goal in coaching, is that you wake up one day and realize that you no longer need me. You realize that you know everything I know and that I am obsolete. This is my desired outcome and my expectation as your coach.

2. The best things in life are free.

When was the last time you refused a free sample? Exactly, never. Because when something is free the risk associated with buying an undesired outcome is removed. No risk? No problem.

Thus, your first coaching experience with me is 100% free. If what I have to offer is right for you, you will know after your first session. Because you have nothing to lose, anything gained is an unexpected surprise.

3. I’m not the expert, you are.

Change happens from within, but can be accelerated by external circumstances.

Consider me the external catalyst that is supporting, guiding and encouraging you to do the internal work required to make a change. You are the expert of your life, I’m the expert that will teach you how to truly believe that.

Want to see if coaching is right for you? Sign up for my complimentary Discovery Meeting. It is an open conversation centered on you: what you want help with, where you feel stuck and what your motivations are. My job is to tell you how I can help, your’s is to determine if I’m the coach you want on your team.